Time of Flight

Depth Sensing



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TAIWAN1.30 pm
INDIA11.00 am
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The Time of Flight (ToF) technology represents a breakthrough for all types of sensing applications enabling vision paired with high resolution and accuracy depth perception for a wide number of applications including robotics, machine vision, autonomous navigation and augmented reality. 

To enable rapid product development, Analog Devices is providing a complete range of ToF solutions, including prototyping platforms, camera modules and even complete camera systems integrating an AI capable processor with ToF and RGB sensors. 

All of these products are accompanied by open source software stacks and AI machine vision algorithms for applications like people detection and tracking, human pose estimation, object detection, space mapping or volumetric measurement. 

This webcast will provide an overview of the complete range of ToF hardware and software solutions provided by Analog Devices with the intent of showing how these help shorten product development cycles and decrease risk and development costs for any application requiring depth perception.

Andrei Cozma


Engineering Manager
Analog Devices, Inc.

Andrei Cozma is an engineering manager for ADI, supporting the design and development of system-level designs. He holds a PhD degree in electrical engineering and has been involved in the design and development of projects from different industry fields such as motor control, industrial automation, software-defined radio and machine vision..

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